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Recovery Care Protocol


*Consult your physician when taking these products*

-15 Days Until Procedure
-10 Days Until Procedure
-8 Days Until Procedure
-6 Days Until Procedure
-3 Days Until Procedure


*Follow your physician's protocol when taking this product*

ZERO DAY Procedure Day
Day 1 Post Procedure
Day 1-2 Post Procedure
Day 1-2 Post Procedure
14-20 Days Post Procedure

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My Recovery Story

How my excitement for a cosmetic treatment turned into the “Recovery from Hell”!

Scar Management and Wound Care

Prevent abnormal scarring, reduce itching, redness and discomfort.

Bruising and Swelling Reduction

Homeopathic and natural remedies for reducing bruising, swelling and pain.

Professionals delivering platinum patient care

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Professional Praise

"I highly recommend RCP Products. I am the Owner of Bonito & CO, High-End Medical Grade Compression Garments at And have had patients use the products to find out if they were quality products. The patients were very satisfied and reported that the products felt great on their skin and helped their recovery. One of the most professional, effective & competent people I have worked with in a very long time."

โ€“ Deirdre S

Bonito & Company

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Customer Kudos

I have to rave about these products!!!. Louie (rest his beautiful soul and I miss him so) was a lover but also was particularly fond of biting/chewing my arms and hands. Maybe I was so sweet he got a sugar high. Anyway, both arms and hands were badly injured. On a whim I started using Recovery Care Wash and Healing ointment figure wouldnโ€™t hurt. See for yourself the time difference is two weeks - I started using the products less than 10 days ago. Hoping I wonโ€™t scar up so going to add in the scar gel. Started using wash on face today and so nice!! ."

โ€“ Holly W