Who is RCP and what do we do?


The RCP family of products caters to patients preparing for and recovering from plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. Each item in our lineup has a unique purpose, designed to aid at a specific stage of the recovery process. When used together, our care products work synergistically to reduce discomfort, accelerate healing and optimize outcomes.

Healing is a Journey

The Power of Mind, Body and Spirit

There’s more to recovery then  what happens on the outside. You can help yourself heal by using the restorative strengths of your

Mind, Body and Spirit.


Being informed, prepared and knowing what to expect BEFORE any procedure has been shown to curb stress. Reducing anxiety and calming the mind can facilitate wound healing. Knowing you have everything ready for your recovery can put your mind at ease and better prepare you for the procedure itself.


Several factors including nutrition, exercise and sleep quality may help support your body’s natural ability to heal itself after a surgery or other trauma.

NOW is the time to be kind to yourself. Be mindful of your needs. Surrounding yourself with positive people, enjoying simple pleasures and nurturing your soul will powerfully impact you throughout this journey and beyond.