Full Lineup v1

Each of our products may be used and continued to be used well beyond recovery…

Gentle Cleanser

Continue to use daily for face and body. Gently removes surface oils and makeup. Maintains the skin’s delicate pH balance and is safe to be used around the eyes. The lavish foam creates a luxe experience making it an everyday simple pleasure.

Scar Management

Silicone gel is amazing to have on hand for sunburn and hair tool burns. It is also great for keeping minor cuts, scrapes, bug bites, etc. from becoming scar. Have kids? Scar management is perfect for the kiddos.

Plush Clay Packs

Five different sizes available for future “owies” to relieve pain and inflammation associated with muscle strains and sprains, other surgeries, spa treatments and allergies, and a host of other pain-producing conditions.

Mineral Sunscreen Stick

No one wants skin cancer. Always be sun-smart!

Pure Bromelain

Bromelain has many benefits aside from reducing bruising, swelling and pain: aids protein digestion, reduces arthritis, clears sinus infections, provides asthma and allergy relief, alleviates ulcerative colitis symptoms, hay fever, cancer prevention and shortening of labor. Serial bruisers will want to keep a bottle close at bay.

Surgery Sipper

Use when bike riding, working out or long car drives. Also perfect for the morning-after (#hangover) when you don’t want to move from the couch and hydration is a must.

Recovery Bag

Have one bag for traveling, one bag for home and one bag in your car. Great storage for cosmetics, toiletries, medicine, baby products, miscellaneous, etc.

Recovery Care Packages & Gift Cards

Pass on the Gift of Recovery to family and friends.