RECOVERY CARE PRODUCTS has been here for YOU prior to COVID-19 & we will be here for YOU after COVID-19.  This company was created to help others go through healing journeys of all sorts and if we can help you, please let us know at  We continue to fulfill orders although we have been severely impacted like millions of other Americans and small business owners.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and those afflicted with this terrible virus.  The millions of Americans that have suffered and will continue to suffer as a result of this virus are also in our thoughts.  As small business owners we understand the hardships of starting and creating a business. The worry of meeting payroll & creditors’ demands can be a large torch to bear and can produce many sleepless nights.  Ultimately, it’s about survival and we hope to be here when the dust settles, and the dust will settle.  Differences aside, if we work together we can do it together. 

We are Americans.

Be Safe, Be Vigilante and Be Compassionate towards your fellow man as we all live in this world together and need to help one another……. not only in good times but in bad times as well.  It’s neighbor helping neighbor and we can only count on ourselves to pull us through.  

RCP is offering a 50% Discount on ALL ITEMS until this crisis is over.

We wish we could do more, however our hope is that this 50% discount can help those who are in need of immediate surgery during this already stressful period.  Check out our Promotions page on the FREE items you can receive based upon your purchase.  The 50% Discount will be applied to your cart. 

Heal Better.

The RCP Team